What is a life coach?

We live in a world where many of us use trainers. They encourage us to break bad habits and push through discomfort to achieve a healthier physical self. But in our quest for an optimally functioning body many of us have neglected the most important part of ourselves, our mind. 


You can drink smoothies all day or spend countless hours in the gym but negative thinking and unresolved issues will still leave you feeling frustrated and fatigued.   


I am here to help you grow beyond any self-sabotaging thought patterns to arrive at a place of calm and confidence. Together we will focus on the what is happening in the present that may be holding you back. I will encourage and guide you to find answers to some big questions, set healthy goals and realize the very best version of yourself. 


It’s all there for you if are willing to reach out and take it. 



My process is especially geared toward helping women of all ages navigate what can be a very confusing and complicated landscape. Together we will work on untangling the mixed messages that we, as women, often receive and look to find ways to find your own path through the noise. 


Some examples of issues that may be standing between you and your inner-strength are:



*Body image issues


*Lack of confidence


*Career frustrations


*Major life transitions


*Confusion about your true purpose




Together we will tackle these issues in a safe, creative and nonjudgmental space. 


It seems I have been training for this career most of my life; I just didn’t realize it.  For over 20 years I was a salon owner and stylist. This may not seem like a natural lead-in to life coaching but believe me, it’s a natural progression. 


I loved my work but one day I realized that what I was really responding to wasn’t the styling but the strong personal connections I had built with my clients. I was their confidant, analyst and biggest cheerleader. What I found was that although we all have hard times, the women who came to me shared many of the same set of insecurities and fears. Listening to them led me to question my own situation. Was I any different? 


I always had a vivid idea of how my life should look and feel, but over time I realized that nothing in the way I was living was close to that ideal. It wasn’t that my life was horrible, it just wasn’t what I knew it could be. Then one day I decided to open myself up to change. What were my true passions? What dreams would I really let myself chase? Answering those questions led me to some major life decisions.


I ended a long-term relationship, got my own place and closed my business. I’ve never had a strong support system so I knew I had to be my own motivator to keep the momentum going. Flash forward to today and my life is in the place I always knew it could be. I moved from the Midwest to San Diego, discovered my true calling and met my the love of my life.  All of this makes me feel so lucky, but I know that it stemmed from asking hard questions and not being afraid to believe in and follow where those answers take you.


I am now a Certified Life Coach, CLC. I feel so lucky that everyday I get to have meaningful interactions with women and men to help them take their lives in a more positive and energizing direction. This is the life I always wanted; now lets get to work to find yours. 


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